Dating different denominations

I really mean that.

Is it Okay for a Christian to Change Denominations for the Person You're Dating?

February 1, at 3: Wow, thanks for sharing those great examples of your parents and your husband. I definitely agree with you- God is truly the judge. We get ourselves in trouble when we judge. And thank you for the prayers. But when God does bring my future husband along, I pray that I am open to him, regardless of his denomination.

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Monica afrotasticlady February 1, at 3: Simone Post author February 1, at 4: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Who Wants To Marry Mr. Thanks for signing up! Say Howdy to Me! Building a relationship with someone whose Christian life is very different to our own, and with whom we may disagree profoundly on theological issues, can be very challenging.

A lot depends on our previous experiences of church good and bad , and what Christian tradition feels most authentic to us. For instance, if you hate noisy worship, find succour in liturgy and ritual, and see prayer as a strictly private practice, then you may struggle to find a meeting point with someone who expects to pray out loud together every day, go to praise-a-thons and lead a homegroup.

Some couples make it work. Another couple I know go to different churches. We sometimes disagree, but we try to look at the Bible and work out what it really says. We almost always end up agreeing.

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The key is to first decide which issues are fundamental beliefs, and which boil down to church culture. On the one hand, I think i you are really happy with her otherwise, it would be silly to start thinking of putting the relationship in jeapordy over this question. She's cornering you into agreeing to go to her church, implying that things can't really work out unless you come as well Not really a godly characteristic: Maybe ask her calmy "and what would you say if God asked me to go to a different church? Sep 22, I'd say go -- and take her -- to your local Catholic church the best kind!

Sounds like something's not right, though, from your description.

I Thought Non-Denominationals Had it All Figured Out

Looks like a red flag to me, though. At the very worst, if she's not cool with you going to a different church and holding to your beliefs that that congregation is screwy which it sounds like , then it seems your marriage wasn't meant to be. Sep 25, First of all, God is supposed to be number one in your life.

I think we can all agree on that. So no matter who goes where, if you aren't both actively seeking His will on where you need to be, there's a problem.

Secondly, the Bible is very clear about being unequally yoked. And if youtwo don't believe in the same thing, God says no. And third, do you plan on having children? I am married and one of the things you talk about in pre-marital counseling is how you will raise your children. Will your son go to her church or yours? What if you want to teach his Sunday school? Any church-related events will be stressful, because it will never be unified among your family.

It's better to seek God and make a wise decision now. This is a preview of what is yet to come. Compromising isn't easy and it doesn't just get easier. One or both of you will always resent the other for being stubborn about your own wants. It's hard enough just finding someone who is truly compatible, so I don't understand why one would make it more difficult for themselves and demand they must be a member of this or that denomination, personally I agree with Quirk.

Believe in God, follow His Word, that's it. Denominations, in my own honest opinion, segregate God's children for the worse. It's already an incredible blessing for you to have a significant other who also worships the same God. Feb 20, My dilemna as well. Feb 21, Ok, a year and a half seems like an awfully long relationship to just end over the 'feeling' of being called to different churches.

Its obviously not God's call for the two of you to be together and go to separate churches. So it either means one of you is NOT called to go to one of those churches, or that you are NOT called to be together. Seeing that you have spent a year and a half building this relationship though, I would pray long and hard about what the answer is. Don't let self-righteous biases get in the way "Lord I know its not Your will for us to go to her church" , but just come to God humbly and earnestly, and you will find the answer. Also have you thought about both finding a different church yet?

Personally, I go to a "rock-band-church" myself, and I've seen God move powerfully through that kind of worship and church culture. Unbelievers are more easily and quickly drawn to God when they can relate to the music, at least by style if not by lyrics and meanings. Please do not discount my answer because I told you this.

To me, this sounds like more than an attempt to bridge two denominations. There were some things about her church that, if you have described them accurately and objectively, seem to me to indicate a lack of humility and correct focus, on the church's part.

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While you won't be able to change her mind, and she won't be able to change yours, you can BOTH attempt to try out different churches together. You didn't like hers? Now it's her turn to try yours. If she refuses to do so, you have a bigger issue on your hands than worshiping in different denominations, imo. My fiance and I have some different beliefs and are comfortable in different worship settings, but we are OPEN to what the other thinks and feels and is ok with I don't really know you or your gf, so I don't know what your relationship is like, but imo, a married couple should attend church together because the spiritual foundation for a marriage is very important at least to me it is, and it sounds like it would be to you, too.

I think the two of you should have been going to church together a lot sooner than after you'd been dating for almost two years. Not trying to offend, but just being honest. Maybe the two of you can get counseling and try to work out a compromise.

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While- right now I don't think that differing churches is a problem- in your current relationship. And even if you two get married- i do not see it as being a huge problem- as long as you don't have children. But if you two want kids then it could become a huge problem. Feb 22,

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