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I am very grateful to Richard Kaufman for putting a nice display of Matrix in Genii some years after its first publication. I think Matrix is still associated with the name Al Schneider. Early on I challenged someone that used the name Matrix for a trick that was not Matrix.

Three inches from my face he retorted that Matrix was public domain. Some punk did a card trick and called it Matrix. Over the last forty years Matrix has gotten around. It is in many books by people that are stars in magic.

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I do not call them my friends. Most of the greats do some form of Matrix. Look how many times Matrix is performed on You Tube. Then, look at how many times Matrix is explained on You Tube. A lot of them are snot nosed kids with their crotch showing on the other side of their bed.

Master Levitation System by Steve Fearson Demo #1

I cannot tell you how I feel about this. People are what they are. That probably is a good thing. Jan 29, I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, if you are able to figure out the effect is called "floating cigarette" and it is created by Steve Fearson, not only can you figure out how it is done by researching it, you can purchase it directly from him. Although wikipedia gives away a very good secret which I am completely against , I feel laypeople have some sort of understanding that there is a rope, string,magnet or some sort of "device" being used by the magician. Even if you know what it is done with, the presentation is what entertains, and the technical aspects of the presentation are what you really want his dvd for.

I do not see this as an excuse however, to provide exposure, especially in an open-public domain. Was consent by Fearson given? I am guessing no Is it worth his time and effort to pursue this as an issue? I think these are interesting questions that should be explored. A good example of this was Penn and Teller, specifically Teller's Shadow Rose illusion being exposed by some other magician.

They went to court, ruling was given in favour of Teller. How much time and money went into this and how big of a headache was it? Does that average magician have the resources to pursue such a route? This is also a bit of a different scenario, where Teller actually has a Patent to this illusion! On an ethical or moral perspective it probably is not a nice feeling when someone steals, exposes, calls out, whatever else you can think to call it, something you have spend your hard work and time creating. It steals from the magicians pocket, which is twice as bad because their job does not include benefits.

In some cases it's like their baby, and it is being exposed! A big part of this is the rapid growth of the technological world we live in - things good and bad spread like wildfire. Schnieder, sorry to hear about your experience. Although Houdini was with the likes of them. In some cases these wishes were respected, in other cases they were not, in hopes of "preserving" the illusions.

Dear Al Schneider, there is one thing I have learned. Whatever is the magic trick you want to learn, there is always a 13 year old kid that will either show you how it is done, or did it so badly that you will know how it is done. Magic based on just pure "secrecy" for its value is dead, it is more about performance now.

Feb 1, SoyMilky I am not sure what you are trying to say. I have been in magic 57 years. My creations are performed by thousands. I have walked into large convention shows and see every performer doing my material. I have traveled to Europe and see many using my techniques.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I see my material used on TV. I think I have seen a great deal of magic and what it is about. I get the feeling that your post is trying to tell me something that I do not know. I am at a loss to determine what that is. Too bad the magic world isn't like the music world where fees are paid to song writers every yime their works are used. I absolutely respect what you have given to the world of magic Al Schneider, I wish I can contribute to it the same way you do in some small way. As to my statement, I am simply saying we are living in a day and age now where if you want to know how a trick is done, you can just YouTube it and a 13 year old kid will either show you how it is done, or do it so badly that you will know how it is done.

Magic is more about performance now than anything else. The masked magician realized that a long time ago when everyone else is still living in la la land. Karrel Fox and Roy Kissel were standing in front of me trying to explain that magic technology was not the important thing in doing magic.

They were making the argument that how you performed, the sizzle, was what made magic important. That was 57 years ago. I understand that your point is that performance is now important and that in the past secrets reigned. Could you explain this in more detail. Also, which masked magician are you talking about? Feb 2, Magic has or should always be made to be fun and entertaining ie about performance however I agree that youtube is killing magic and making things more difficult for today's magicians but I can't see a mind access to youtube happening anytime soon.

Warren I agree that YouTube is disgusting relative to magic. I once complained to them about their behavior to no avail.

Easy to Master Thread Miracles, Ammar - #3, DVD

In fact, as I pursued it, I found out that if I complained to someone exposing things, I could be libel for harassment. But I have a question, is it killing magic? I would like to hear from guys that make a living off of magic. Does it hurt the guys really performing? I would like to hear the opinion of the guys that do it for a living or have made a living doing magic.

I wonder what David Copperfield would say about it. We hobbyists can blather on and on about it.

But that is part of the hobby. Times are always achagin. If times weren't achagin that would be a real change. This makes me think of young people discovering sex. When they do, they seem to act as if no one else knows about it. Then, times are really achagin. Case in point, example: You saw your trick exposed in YouTube. You complained about it somewhere, doesn't matter, let's assumed you've successfully took it down.

It must be huge! Catering to YouTube Views for market shares, everyone will now race to see who can get the secret out first to get their millions of views. You fight one, two will appear, you fight two four will appear. The age of deception is over. Magic is about performance. By the way Al Schneider, I saw your videos about the big bang theory, very interesting!

Master Levitation System Review

On Feb 2, , Al Schneider wrote: He appeared in the Pen and Teller show. Earlier I said I would review it once I got it in the mail, and I got it 2 days after it was shipped, for the standard shipping price! It is a simple i mean very simple hookup that's slightly improved from the original fearson hookup. Kevlar and Master thread yes there's invisible thread involved, but not in the way you usually use it Master wax it looks like a honeycomb i don't use it very often just normal wax is ok Fork gimmick, ice gimmick, and deck gimmick, these are just extra things, not very special but I'm glad they included these.

Don't worry you can float borrowed things too. Theres a few ways you can SET up the object, but i find putting wax on it the easiest. If you've never used Invisible thread before, it may take some practice. If you're a beginner, use Kevlar thread. Once you get the hang of it, you can start using Master thread.

Theres a few moves he teaches you to make it look like perfection. You can make it rise to your head, and go down to the floor, and even go behind your back while floating. Like I said, borrowing the object is an option, but you can also just take your own object already set up if you're too scared. Edited by moderator due to exposure cleanup: Overall, ten out of ten. Its a bargain for the cheap price, too. If you have an ITR, you can get this hookup and use them together. One more thing, on youtube I will soon be posting videos of myself levitating things, so check em out!

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Oct 25, Messages: I've searched for a review on this for a very long time. Thank you so much! Sep 12, Messages: I will also be posting a thorough review very soon. Steve sent it to me and WOW, it is extremely impressive. The DVD is worth the kit price alone There are a few tricks like Haunted deck stuff like that that are not taught but can easily be done with the system.

I have a vid on youtube of me doing the haunted deck.