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Their interests and personalities are pretty different. For example, I enjoy watching really fucking sappy romance movies way more than any guy should. The daughter fucking hates them, but the mom likes to watch them. Just stuff like that. And I don't mean that in a dickish way or anything, just minor things that a guy would gladly put up with for his girlfriend's sake.

In theory I'm fine with it, but I don't know if in practice if I actually would be. Pretty hypocritical, I know. I'd definitely have to meet the guy and get all the necessary dick-measuring out the way before I'd really be able to give you an answer. Lots of people both guys and girls feel the same way you do. I agree its still hypocritical.

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I was just saying he shouldn't feel super bad about it because it is somewhat normal. Actually you're not being hypocritical at all.

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  3. I'm in polygynous relationships with a mother and daughter. Ask me anything. : casualiama;

Basic instinct tells us, as males, to reproduce with as many females as possible to continue our blood line and species. Hypocritical means acting in two opposite directions, such as having multiple partners but not being alright with your partners having more than one partner. Biology has nothing to do with hypocrisy.

OP has multiple partners. OP is not cool with his multiple partners being with anyone else but him. OP thinks that makes him a hypocrite. OP is not a hypocrite. Basic Human instinct is what makes him feel that way. Basic Human instinct says reproduce motherfucker. OP isn't a hypocrite because it's natural for him to want multiple partners and not want them to be with anyone else. I agree with you both, it's still hypocritical. Even if it is biological that only explains the cause, just because your cause is legit doesn't mean that the outcome is not hypocritical.

You're letting your brain get ahead of your dick. That's not how god wanted evolution to work. So even though it's biologically driven it's still hypocritical? God damnit Mother Nature! The mother has been in another polygynous relationship before she was married not with the guy she married , though. What's the longest amount of time in between having sex with each of them? Like let's say you had sex with the daughter then 3 days later the mother. I basically do glorified data entry in an office job.

The pay is pretty decent considering, so I can't complain. I can't say that time between having sex with each of them is something I keep track of You mean just like what's the longest I've gone without sex from either of them? Maybe days since I started having regular sex with the mom. Yeah I really don't know how to word the second question lol.

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I guess what I mean is are you having sex with one of them on Tuesday and the next day you'll have sex with the other? We'll have sex whenever we feel up to it. When I have sex with one of them doesn't really effect when I have sex with the other. Sometimes I have sex with both on the same day. I think the question was supposed to be, what's the shortest amount of time you've gone between having sex with one, and then having sex with the other?

I understand you're sterile, so I mean adopting or other means of baby-having. How long can you see yourself with either?

Does M getting older eventually seem sexually off putting, or no? And you say you might be comfortable if either your partners picked up another lover, how would you feel if you subsequently became what do they call it in polyamory circles? I don't really think I'd legally marry one if I can't marry the other, but who knows how well I'll stick to those values once those marriage benefits are being waved in my face. I'm definitely keeping non-legal marriages as an option open for the future though. Haven't really thought about kids at all yet; I never considered it before I found out I was sterile and probably even less afterwards.

We'll have to wait and see. I don't have a timeframe, but I hope a long long while. If I say so myself, the mom looks pretty damn good for her age so I think I have quite a while before I have to worry about that.


Talk with your girlfriend's mom to date her daughter

Our relationship isn't just sexual though, and if we're still together when it comes to that you can bet I'd be in it for the long haul. I don't really know what they call it, as I'm not really in any polyamory circles. But emotion and romance are a huge part of my relationship with both M and D, so if that went away I doubt we'd still be together. Who did you start dating first? Did you meet them through each other? How old are you all? Does the rest of their family know? I dated the daughter for about 5 months before the mother. I met the mother through her pretty early on in the relationship way earlier than I'd normally want to meet the parent of a girl I'm dating.

The mom's and my relationship isn't really out in the open. We go out in public together and stuff, but with family and people we know I'm just dating the daughter. I suppose I should mention if it's not obvious that the mother is divorced, and has been for 9 years. If a zombie apocalypse happened, and one was in the north end of the city and the other was in the south end, with you downtown.

Who would you rescue first and why? This is actually pretty easy to answer. I'd Dave save the daughter first because the mom would kill me otherwise. Actually depending on how old Dave is you can pass it off as two relationships and no one would be the wiser. I would be interested in knowing how this got started and how it affects your day-to-day interactions with both of them. Here's the answer to the first part. As for day-to-day; at first I was never really sure how I should interact whenever we were all together, but eventually I figured out that I shouldn't really act any differently and just go with it.

I'm affectionate with both of them while we're all together. It's been a whole year since you have been intimate with the mother? Are you still technically with her, then? I'm so dumb that I thought you were in a relationship with your mother and daughter. I was confused as to why there was less of an uprising. Hmm, I think someone is projecting some of their fantasies onto others. No concrete plans or anything, but I consider both relationships pretty serious.

Just gonna let things happen for now. Do you eventually see yourself settling down with the mother or daughter or just breaking it off totally? I don't have specific plans, but I could potentially see myself settling down with both of them. Not currently, but we've been talking a little about possibly moving in together. Early stages yet, but that would be pretty exciting. The daughter just moved back in with the mother for now, and it's not at all uncommon for me to spend a lot of time there and stay over night, so it might not be a huge change for me to just move in as well.

It can be exhausting, for sure. I definitely wouldn't have the time or energy for a third relationship with anyone without it being detrimental to all of my relationships. My GF has 2 boyfriends me and another guy , but sometimes she wants to break up with him and just be with me, but having been with her for over 4 years now, I know her well enough to encourage her to stay with him, since it makes her happier. Have you ever felt that you should break up with one of them, either because things were difficult, or one of the relationships wasn't going where you wanted it to? If so, what did you do?

Towards the beginning there were definitely times where I was skeptical about the whole thing and didn't really think it could work out in the long run.

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Eventually I decided to just let things happen how they happen, and I kind of got over that and it's been great since. I don't really know much about him, honestly. How do you 'date' them? Take each one to the same place? I assume people would recognize you with another woman. If you were a horse, would you duck size? It's not like I take turns taking them on identical dates.

I'm in a pretty large city so there's plenty of options. Not my thing now, but I could see myself doing something similar a few years back. I had to get over my dick's addiction to crazy gals with father issues. We don't exactly have any long term plans, but obviously legal marriage isn't really an option. Originally read that as "I'm in polygynous relationships with my mother and daughter.

At first I considered putting Not MY mother and daughter at the top but figured it wasn't necessary. I take it the daughter and mother are super close? I don't see this relationship working out unless they are super close and totally trust each other. I'd imagine there would have be a certain level of trust between any two people in this situation. I'm definitely in love with both of them. I'm extremely lucky to not only have found an awesome woman who loves me back, but to have found two awesome women who do.

Their vaginas are different You are entitled to your opinion, but I don't see a need to tell him about how wrong his relationship is. That's not far off from those who are opposed to homosexuals and feel a need to tell them how wrong their relationships are. You're entitled to an opinion, but there's no need to force a potentially insulting opinion on someone. I wouldn't want to do it, but if he does want it and everyone involved is cool with it, why does it matter? After talking in the kitchen for about an hour I asked if I may use the bathroom.

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I went upstairs and used the bathroom accordingly. When I exited the bathroom, she was waiting on the landing for me. I asked if she was ok. Then, to my surprise, she grabbed me and kissed me. I tried to push her away at first but in the end I couldn't resist. She led me to her bedroom and we had the most mind blowing sex, all day, that I ever thought was possible. She has been sterilised and cannot get pregnant. We kept the relationship casual but remained exclusive to each other.

After about a month of us seeing each other, her daughter came home from work early one day while I was doing the gardening.

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My casual lady friend had gone to do some shopping and went to the kitchen to get myself some water. I went in to the living room and sat down for a break. The daughter, who is 23 and just as sexy as her mother, said she knew what was going on between me and her mother. I couldn't really deny what was going on. She then said that she wanted to see what all the fuss was about and unzipped my trousers.

I should have stopped her but I didn't. She gave me oral sex and then we had full sex right there in the living room. We finished before her mother returned. Feeling a bit bemused by what had happened, I made my excuses to her mother and left. But for the past two months I have been seeing them both on a casual basis. But the thing is, her mother knows that I am having sex with her daughter as well as her. Usually it's on the same night!